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SHE Prep™ Master Class (SPMC)

In addition to individuals life skills classes, SHE Elite Academy will offer a FREE 2-year INTENSIVE program called SHE Prep Master Class (SPMC). It will be available to high school juniors through a very selective process. The inaugural program is set to begin for the 2022-2023 school year. During this masterclass, students are taught our 24 Keys of Knowledge (KOK). The KOKs include live, online learning sessions with Zoom, digital textbook, and Moodle and Google Classroom LMS.  SPMC is taught by state-certified teachers and will also feature female subject matter experts. Students are also offered numerous travel opportunities, including international destinations. At the conclusion of the program, students and guests are invited to attend The Elitist Gala, which celebrates the completion of the program and the presentation of awards and scholarships. For more information about SHE Prep Master Class, click here

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